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The Best Online Daily Planner For Getting Organized

Calendar - Tasks - Organizer - Notes - Journal - Boards - Contacts - Forms - AI Assistant

DayViewer helps take the stress out of daily management and boosts your effectiveness in your business, professional and personal life. A solid Online Calendar Planner & Organizer perfect for daily planning.

  • Easy To Use Daily Planner
  • Manage Tasks & Plan Events
  • Keep Notes Organized
  • Team Collaboration Calendar & Planner
  • No Complex Tutorials - Get Organized In Minutes!
In one app, you get a Daily Planner for Time Management, Task Management & Notes. There's much more inside the box, so get started for free right away.

Need a Team Calendar? - Details Here
Online Calendar Planner
Online Task Management Planner

Manage Time & Tasks Together In One Place.

Reduce the number of apps you need to use together to manage and plan your work.

Whether you need more than a standalone online planner, calendar or to-do list app, or you are looking to getting started using a planner online. Using DayViewer as a central time and task management system can help you to transform your productivity from day one.

Benefits of using an Online Planner

  • Get More Organized & Efficient
  • Get Reminded about Important Tasks & Events
  • Get More Done and Achieve More.
  • Keep a Record of Your Daily Activity
  • Reduce Anxiety and Stress
  • Reduce Procrastination

DayViewer Online Planner Features

Everything is built in, so no complex setup or dependencies on third party apps. Simply setup your online calendar to your preferences, add your tasks and manage your time with clarity.

Inside DayViewer Online Planner

  • Calendar with Day, Week and Month Views
  • Task Management
  • Push Notification System and Email Reminders
  • Dashboard, Timeline and Table Views
  • Fast Planner System for better Scheduling Regular Tasks or Events
  • Journal System - Write Content, Documents or a Daily Log
  • Notes System - Very Useful for Learning & Information Recall
  • Payments & Expenses Tracking
  • Daily Todo List System - Simple Todo List System with counter and rollover
  • Contacts Management System
  • Label Management System
  • Boards - For collecting and grouping information together.
  • Forms - Easy to use form creation built in, create internal workflows or shareable forms for your audience.
  • AI Assistant - Get information on anything by asking or use as a content creation system, summarizer, translator or a code helper!

Adapts to your device or phone - with similar functionality as the web version.

Free to sign up - plan daily for a few days to see how DayViewer online planner works for you.

Online Calendar

Plan Efficiently With Fast Planner

The easy to use Fast Planner system will make planning your week a breeze. Simply set-up your task templates and drag and drop them into your day to schedule as needed. It is also an interface where you can adjust task details more efficiently and assign tasks easily if you are scheduling for other team members.

An Easier To Use Online Calendar Planner

  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Save Time Filling Out Information Using Templates
  • Recur or Copy Entries
  • Create Rich Document Style Calendar Entries with Images
  • Attach Files To Your Calendar
  • View Your Week Clearly From Anywhere
  • Not Just An Online Calendar - DayViewer Is A Complete Online Organizer

Online Calendar Planner For Events

Got contacts you need to meet with regularly, or maybe they are suppliers or business associates you need to regularly stay in the loop with. Create online meetings and events easily and let people know about it with a shareable link.

Event Management Simplified

  • Create Shareable Events
  • Schedule Meetings Easily (Virtual or IRL)
  • Copy / Recur Regular Events
  • Attach More Information Like Images, or Location (links to maps automatically)
  • Attach Forms Easily - Build Your Own Booking System
  • Perfect For Internal Company / Bookings Use
  • Great For Friends & Family Events
  • Share Event Links on Social Media, Chat or Email

Create Shareable or Internal Online Forms

Online forms are attachable to any entry type and can be used to create workflows internally or shared via a link to anyone. A great way to interact with clients or event attendees (For example: ask your event attendees about dietary preferences, fill out a quick survey, or give feedback). Results can be viewed in a table or downloaded to CSV file.

Forms can be cloned and edited easily so variations would be great for A/B test surveys.

Here's How Forms Can Be Useful

  • Collaborate And Use Forms In Your Team
  • Create Surveys, Quizzes
  • Increase brand awareness, traffic to your product or service or business leads
  • A Mini Internal Database
  • Get A Notification By Email When Form Filled
  • Work Processes
  • Create Star Rating Systems For anything
  • Get Feedback From Potential Clients
  • Task Management and Job Feedback / Confirmations For Contractors
  • Friendlier Appointment Time Picker When Combined With Events - See this fun video example
  • Reviews and Task Feedback Internally
  • Guest or Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Adapts to your device or phone - with the same functionality as the web version.

More Information On Forms
Online Form Creator
At the heart of DayViewer is the Online Calendar. With a variety of views inculding Monthly, Weekly, Daily & Agenda. View your schedule, set reminders and plan daily.
DayViewer contains a handy Online Notes system that lets you save rich notes, checklists and other information so you can refer to them whenever required.
DayViewer Online Task Management system lets you easily create and manage tasks. Tasks have priority and progress attributes. Tasks appear in you Calendar so you receive reminders (if set).
The Online Journal gives you a space to write documents and articles, or just to record your days. Journal Posts can be shared online should you wish to do so.
Easy to use contact management system. Keep notes of your important contacts and attach them to calendar entries for efficiency in planning meetings.
Much More (Pro)
Additionally if you go Pro many features, enhancements and views are unlocked, including, a payments tracker, labels manager, a todo list system and dashboard.