Powerful Business & Team Collaboration Solution

Online Team Calendar system for managing tasks and information in a team.

DayViewer helps improve team information management, productivity and planning by enabling collaboration around a team calendar, task scheduler & workspace.

online team calendar
Team Calendar
The heart of your team room is the calendar. See who is working on what in multiple views. Additionally use to set up team events and other group activities
Task / Entry Commenting
Being able to comment and discuss on the actual task entry helps focus discussions and reduces the chance of chats going off topic. Think of it like social media commenting but for particular jobs/tasks, notes and all other entry types.
Team Tasks
Team tasks can be assigned depending on the status of the team member. Tasks are viewable as cards so can be seen clearly and also appear in the calendar and views such as timelines. Tasks have priority and progress attributes.
Team Journal
Team journals can be used as a handy document system that everyone can view. The team journal could also be used as a daily log of activites, articles, news and information you wish to share within your team.
Team Contacts
Creating a team address book is perfect for client information retrieval for all the team. Create a team room for your sales team to work around and to perfect your sales strategy.
More to Come
There are multiple enhancements in the works and further business features are planned. All designed to make it easy for your business to improve productivity, management and efficiency. DayViewer essentially becomes an essential member of your team!
See how DayViewer helps thousands every day
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Business & Office Planner

DayViewer enables businesses of any size to improve their time management and workflows in any part of the business.

Information management and team work should be simplified, uncomplicated and NOT a barrier to productivity and communication.

Inherently, software shouldn't cause bottlenecks in operations. We believe simplifying the user interface enough for anyone to pick up and use is ideal for businesses, as there is no lost time due to software training.

That is where the idea of having a central online calendar with a task management system and other useful information organizer tools can replace the plethora of tools that you may be currently using just to get your jobs organized and complete.

Try DayViewer in your business and see how it can improve your teams communications and productivity, see the difference within days!