Online Calendar

Online Calendar

Why use an online calendar, when a paper and pen one will do the trick? Well an online calendar has a number of advantages over a paper one. Let's go through them below:

Mobile Calendar

Your calendar would be around with you on your phone , so you can refer to it at any time and any place. Also if you need to make changes and updates on the go having your calendar online helps a lot with scheduling on the go.


Here your calendar becomes extra useful - online calendars usually have reminder notifications features which help you never miss an event.


If you have a number of events and tasks, you can enter them all into your calendar and see if there are any problems with overlaps / overruns and reschedule as required.


Online Calendars (especially like DayViewer) can show you your agenda coming up more clearly. In timelines, agenda views or tables - it makes it clearer to see what you have going on at any time.

Day Planner

You could use an online calendar as a Day Planner and switch to zoom out to wekkly planning, and monthly planning depending on what your preferences are. It's easier on software based calendars as they are able to easily switch views. Paper & Pen based planners you would have to enter the same information in the differing views.

Additional Features

Attach files, notes, images and more to make your calendar entry a more information rich experience. Using it this way can help with learning, as a quick referral system or with logging data. Example: you could meal plan more effectively by attaching recipes you fancy to each day, or use to set fitness routines with images to show how to perform that particular exercise. Having an online calendar with rich entries makes more sense - DayViewer Pro version has a provision for this extra information.


Hopefully this has helped you in going digital with your scheduling, day planning and general time management - you can see that the potential of an efficient easy to use online calendar (such as DayViewer) is vast in scope and will certainly improve you personally.