Online Planner

Online Planner

What is an online planner? An online planner is a service which helps you manage your time and other information. If you have many busy days ahead and/or get very busy periods at work. You can alleviate stress with proper planning and organization.

Here are some of the frequency modes you can plan in along with some tips

Daily Planner

Using an online planner every day might seem hard work, but actually once you start it becomes a great asset to you and your friends and colleagues. It is well known that the worlds best leaders are very well organised and do some form of short term planning either using to do lists or other methods (like utilising an online calendar for example).

Weekly Planner

When you start getting more comfortable planning your time using the daily planner method, you can then focus on the rest of the week. It is usual to start going through everything you need to get done during the week ahead. If you have many events spreading out your tasks throughout the week to accomodate the events becomes easier with a week plan. You can utilise DayViewer as a weekly planner by going to the calendar section and selecting Week view or work-week view (this is the same as week view but without the weekend showing.)

Monthly Planner

The typical calendar is laid out in a grid with the week days along the top and numbered boxes. This classic view of the calendar is the best way to see your monthly planner view. This is a much broader range of all your events for the current month - great for more strategic long term planning of your time, and gives you a great overview so you can make better decisions about your task management.

Online Notes System

Really great online planners come with a notes system. The ability to add information on the go frees up your own brain power to do some real thinking and focus on other things. DayViewer online planner comes with a notes system you can use for lists like shopping lists and smaller regular todo's with the ability to push them to your DayViewer online calendar.


We believe DayViewer has the right blend of features you would need to work and plan your time effectively. With such an easy to use online planner system, what previously seemed like a chore - becomes a fun but highly effective habit practised by the worlds most succesful people. So no time to waste - fire up your Online Planner with DayViewer Today!