Online Planner

Online Planner

What is an online planner? An online planner is a service that helps you manage your time and other useful information so you can stay focussed and organized. If you foresee busy days ahead whether in general life or at work, you can essentially foresee problems and stay on top of things by planning and organizing your time effectively.

Planning really helps with getting your tasks completed and prevent clashes - when it is online, this information is with you wherever you are if you do have mobile access. A good online planner system would allow you to view or update your schedule anytime.

Planners come in various formats, here are some of the common time-ranges you may encounter, and which every online service should incorporate.

Daily Planner

Using an online planner every day might seem hard work, but actually, once you start it becomes a great asset to you. It is well known that the worlds leading entrepreneurs and professionals are all at the core very well organized and do some form of short term planning. They either utilize to do lists or other methods such as an online calendar system for example.

Weekly Planner

Alongside daily planning, you can extend to plan the rest of the week. Start going through everything you need to get done during the week ahead. Simply mark things that get done and add more items as your week becomes busier. If you have many upcoming events, spreading these tasks throughout the week is more manageable with a week plan. You can utilise DayViewer as a weekly planner in two ways, 1. by going to the calendar section and selecting Week view or work-week view (this is the same as week view but without the weekend showing.) 2. By utilizing our fast planner section which presents you a weekly view by default.

Monthly Planner

The typical calendar is laid out in a grid with the week days along the top and numbered boxes - each page is a new month. This classic view of the calendar is the best way to see your monthly planner view. This is a much broader range of all your events for the current month. It works well for more strategic long term planning of your time, and gives you a project-like overview so you can make better decisions about your task management.

Online Notes System

Good online planners come with a notes system. The ability to add information on the go frees up your own brain power to do some real thinking and focus on other things. DayViewer online planner comes with a notes system you can use for lists like shopping lists and smaller regular todo's with the ability to push them to your DayViewer online calendar. The daily todo list is very handy to quickly jot down links and small bits of information you come across anytime.


Planning your time has become a critical tool not just for work management, but also personal management - especially if you are juggling work, family and learning all at once.

We designed DayViewer to blend common planner features and tools together into one easy to use interface. We believe that efficiency is the key and being able to see your day clearly will certainly help you achieve very much more. With our easy to use online planner system, what previously seemed like a chore - becomes a fun but highly effective habit. Fire up your online planner with DayViewer today!