Online Study Planner

Using an Online Calendar as a Study Planner

When studying, it is important the software tool you choose to plan your studies with provides you with quick access to your notes as well as an online calendar for scheduling.

Setting up a study plan online can dramatically improve your chances of passing your course or exam. Think of it as a project management system for your studies. Your ultimate aim is to get that grade and graduate in whatever the subject(s).

Some online calendars (such as DayViewer) are especially good at keeping information like notes and articles organized and accessible. Using labels you can segment your studies into topics and it will allow for quick retrieval eliminating moments of "where did i put that note??"

Why an Online Calendar?

Imagine if you were at your school library, you needed to amend your study schedule by realising you need more time on a particular subject. Instead of waiting to get to your desk, you could very quickly adjust your schedule on the go on your phone or tablet.

Having the freedom of being able to adjust your schedule online, will relieve stress and therefore improve your ability to focus on the tasks at hand - in this case - studying!

Setting Targets

Setting targets helps greatly by helping you focus. Imagine this you have 5 days to learn 10 trigonometric formulae and rules: So start with writing all the rules in a to do list. Study the rules every day, and on the fourth day create a set of to do's in your list to tick off if you have learnt those formulae off by heart and test yourself. You will find the weak points in your knowledge and can target and concentrate your studies on those particular points.

Continuous study & refreshers

Learning something properly requires refreshers - especially if you are studying very many subjects you should always schedule in refresher times in your online calendar. These are usually set at increasing intervals (2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 Weeks etc...) so the subject matter gets deeply wired inside your mind circuitry!

An online scheduling tool like the calendar tables in DayViewer easily lets you recur your entries. It's important to do this efficiently so that you do not add extra workload to your already busy schedule!

Organize your study plan

Organizing your study time with a tool like DayViewer could prove the difference between getting a lower class degree and a 1st class one! Adapt and become highly organized and you will even free up time for other activities. Take every advantage you can and you will see the rewards in your grades. Carry on these good habits into your careers so think of this as a methodology which becomes part of you.