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Plan Your Day

Plan Your Day

Why should I plan my day? What are the benefits? Is it worth it? These are questions probably running through your head when you come across an article or video explaining that in order to be successful you need to plan your day ( and usually that statement is followed by - "all the millionaires do it - you should too!").

In fact this should not be the motivation factor for getting into the habit of day planning, what you should actually be thinking about is - "planning my day will help me save time to do stuff I enjoy."

Time is Precious

Time is something you never get back, you start off with a finite supply - in the end everyone runs out.

So the idea of planning your day is to help you organize your time so that you can have larger blocks of free time to do whatever you enjoy doing. In many cases work pressure can cause you to have very little free time - especially if you are responsible for a business or a team. Time Management becomes ever more important.

How can plan my day?

You first need to declare to yourself what is actually important to you every day that you must get done. Imagine that you are learning something and would like to get at least an hour of dedicated study time for a particular subject every day.

Usually you would start with your regular work or university/college hours, block these out.

You gotta eat, so set out time for your regular eating habits.

Next exercise may be important to you - so block out 1 hour slot for exercise, a run or other activity.

You might have a low number of waking hours by now, but because you really want to progress in your personal study, it is worth blocking out 1 hour of each day when you think you work best - it could be early in the morning or late evening - the important thing is that this is uninterruptible.

This then defines your daily routine. You will have set 5-7 hours per week of dedicated time to spend on your personal study.

You can also deep dive and break down your work day into its various component tasks you need to do - seeing exactly what needs to be done by when gets easier, helping you improve your work management skills. Having a simple reminder gives you a little nudge and motivation to get tasks started.

By the end of the week your weekend would be free to do whatever you want to do! And after the amount of study you have done, you will have skilled up - improving your career prospects or other activity.

Online Planner

Use an online planner to help you visualize and see what goes one every day - also why not log each day too? With a service like DayViewer, you can do both and keep snippets of information as notes.

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