Time management

How your happiness depends on time management

Do you want to increase your happiness? Well, the answer is surprisingly simple. Spend your time carefully and wisely. Happiness is a consequence of the choices we make. If we decide to spend time with people we like, our happiness levels increase. Unlike owning a gadget or having lots of money in the bank account, time spent doing something evokes emotionally laden memories and brings about personal meaning.

A research conducted by two students of happiness, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Matt Killingsworth, concluded that our happiness levels drop when we engage in mind-wandering. The two researchers went ahead and alluded that the activity we choose does not play a key role in our happiness. However, how we spend our time does affect our happiness. As such we should pay far more attention on time management.

We derive more happiness when we execute our to-do in a well-structured way. Meeting your deadlines on time gives you satisfaction and leaves you a happier person. We can therefore conclude that time management is not just any skill or activity. It is the foundation upon which everything else in life depends.

Benefits of good time management

Reduces your stress level

Failing to meet deadlines means you will be working harder and faster to get the tasks done. If you missed deadlines on a number of tasks, you can imagine the pressure you'll encounter. Rushing from one place to another and from one activity to another leaves you a frustrated person.

Less rework

Proper organization results in less work and perfect work. When you have enough time to carry out a certain activity you give it the best, important details and instructions are keenly followed which results in less rework. Additionally, there is less life friction, as you will not collide with people due to missed deadlines and forgotten appointments.

Improves your reputation

A good name gives you more opportunities in life, whether you are the boss or working for somebody else. Good time management makes you a reliable person. If you have clients who need your services, they will not question the time you set to deliver. An employee good reputation with a good reputation may earn a promotion or increased salary.

Improves communication

Communication is important in everyday life, and proper time management promotes effective communication with your colleagues. To perform well, you need quality time to interact with people who can offer assistance, support, motivation, and direction.

Achievement of set goals and objectives

Proper time management, leads to the realization of both personal and organizational goals within a short duration. It is because you can meet target ahead of the deadline and deliver the work when it is required. Achievement of the set goals propels you to the next level making you a successful person.

It's not difficult to keep yourself organized, just get yourself an online calendar and it will help you keep track of important things and events including appointments all in one place. Also, go ahead and get an online planner. It will help you become more productive by working on the right things.