Easy To Use Online Task Management System

Free Online Task Management Planner System Built In

A solid, reliable task management system built in to help you organize and plan tasks. Use to track progress, organize work and highlight what is important for you to get done. For businesses, our Team task management around a central calendar planner can really boost your productivity and increase profitability - DayViewer has task management integrated directly into the calendar system.

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Online Task Planner System

If you have similar tasks happening every week, you can use our handy Fast Planner system, which allows you to create a template of your task or job. Prepare the information you need then schedule whenever you need to!

Create subtasks when adding tasks with checklists - the checklist then takes over the progress percentage so each task can have stages of completion as per your sub-task structure.

Keep progress updated to give yourself a chance to plan - a clear visual indicator of task progress in your task list.

Get a dashboard overview of everything going on, overdue tasks and high priority tasks.

Red-green automatic color highlighting for tasks that have gone overdue and tasks completed (resp.). Some stats to show on time completion tasks (optional on dashboard)

DayViewer is one of the few services online that has a multitude of planner views (timeline, calendar, tables, cards). If you need more than a spreadsheet or todo list app to plan your tasks, then consider adopting DayViewer as your all in one task management app.

How To Manage Tasks Effectively

  • List the tasks you need to do throughout the week then prioritize them - at least with a "high" for your more urgent tasks. you can use something like a todo list to do this. If you want to you can also add a difficulty rating.
  • Do your tasks need anything externally? such as materials or a helping hand from someone or another business? If so you may need to make the necessary preparations.
  • Set estimated times, how long do you think it would take to complete each task? 10 minutes? 3 days? and remember to think of unexpected things that might crop up to delay your progress or throw you off track.
  • Subtasks - for bigger tasks, break them down into more manageable bite-sized subtasks. It's also a great way to measure your progress by using subtasks as markers. This can be done in DayViewer by using checklists on each task.
  • Review your tasks list - do you really need to spend time on certain tasks? by writing things down, you can visually evaluate whether you really need to get that task done today or if at all - you will be surprised how much stress and time that would be saved by reducing unnecessary tasks by evaluation.
  • Task management is a skill that can be learned, and the more you do it, the more effective you become. The trick is just to start writing things down. We suggest you try DayViewer to get going with planning your tasks and see how you feel it affects your performance over the space of 2 weeks or so.
Online Calendar
Rich Task Entries
Our calendar is capable of creating highly detailed task entries - in addition you can attach files and images to tasks
Task List Interface
Super convenient list of all your tasks in one place, view what needs to be done, by when - what's' overdue and if you have a team, see who is assigned to it - and more!
Create Task Kanban Boards
Organize your tasks into columns which you can then shift around by dragging and dropping - useful for placing tasks into other categories like difficulty or just organize by type.