Online Weekly Planner & Calendar

Plan Your Week For Better Time Management Using DayViewer Calendar Systems

DayViewer makes it easier to plan weekly with the Online Calendar & Fast Planner system. Check out the short video of our weekly planner system which helps you manage everything you need to do daily, weekly or monthly.

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Online Weekly Planner

Stay In Control Of Your Week With DayViewer Week Planner

It's likely that you have a lot of similar tasks, procedures and events happening every week. Such as a fitness routine, meals, project reports. With DayViewer, you can create recurring or template entries - this will help you efficiently structure your time throughout the week.

Planning every week helps keep you motivated and on track to hit your goals or targets

Simple to pick up and use - designed to be uncomplicated to setup and use, requiring no IT expertise or 3rd party connecting.

How To Plan Your Week

  • Set some time out where you can focus on planning in advance of the upcoming week. The evening before the new week begins is a good time.
  • Make a list of everything you really wish to get done during that week. You don't need to think too long term - the focus is on your upcoming week.
  • If you have things you would likely plan on other weeks also, create a template of that task or entry within your DayViewer Fast Planner and push into the days you need. Or create the initial entry and recur it weekly (the recur method is better if the time and details of the event are regular).
  • Now you have a few entries in your calendar. You can use the fast planner as a weekly calendar planner (as it shows the current week by default) - Or you can switch to the weekly view, (or work week view) of your main calendar.
  • Plan around the core events of your week, but remember to leave some buffer time when things are a bit too close together in case of task overruns.
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Week View Calendar
The calendar has a week view set where you can create and edit entries
Fast Planner
Fast planner is a drag and drop planner where you can create templates of entries and move them into the day you need to schedule it
Recur Tasks
Recur events, tasks and payment reminders weekly as needed