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If you work with others in a team, need to set reminders for others, or are responsible for scheduling the tasks within your business - DayViewer is a team calendar planner system that you can rely on.

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Online Calendar
Online Team Task Planner

Online Team Calendar Planner

Give Your Team Clarity & Focus

  • Improve team work by scheduling and planning work more efficiently.

    DayViewer helps visualize your work and time, presenting task and other information at a glance.
  • See the jobs being worked on, overdue and completed easily.

    Monitor progress and give your team members an opportunity to comment directly on tasks and other entries. Greatly reducing group emails and providing frictionless and focussed communication.
  • Suitable for any type and size of business.

    In fact anyone that requires time and task management in a clear, easy to use & flexible solution. DayViewer is private, secure and always improving.

DayViewer Fast Planner for Efficient Work Scheduling

If you have tasks that are commonly set, it's efficient to create templates. This way, all the main information is pre-filled, meaning that it doesn't need to manually be entered each time.

Once the templates are created, simply drag and drop into the day boxes to set them. Our Fast Planner interface can save a lot of time and repetitive scheduling. It also makes it much easier to see what is going on within that week at-a-glance.

Use the DayViewer Team Planner system to schedule sales calls or visits, content planning, appointments, meetings, jobs and more. - it's completely flexible for your specific needs.

Select By Label - Displays All Labelled Entries In One Place

When you have multiple projects going on, labelling your entries becomes pretty important. Labelling ensures your related entries are tied together to a particular keyword.

Labels also improve information recall, visibility and search ability by giving you filtering and color-coding.

Our labels section is a special feature that also incorporates a quick filter showing you all the various entries created with a particular label.

It is a super convenient way to view all your related tasks and other entries together on one page.

Online Organizer For Teams
Online Team Task Planner

One-Click Team Task Status Filtering

Often you just want to see how tasks are progressing. The task cards view shows all tasks on one board.

At the top of this board is a set of statuses which can be selected. So you can quickly jump through which tasks are at which stage.

The cards also will highlight which tasks are overdue automatically.

It is good practice for the team members that are assigned tasks to update progress regularly, it assists forward planning and helps the project or entire business stay on track.

Team Calendar
The heart of your team room is the calendar. See who is working on what in multiple views. Additionally use to set up team events and other group activities
Task / Entry Commenting
Being able to comment and discuss on the actual task entry helps focus discussions and reduces the chance of chats going off topic. Think of it like social media commenting but for particular jobs/tasks, notes and all other entry types.
Team Tasks
Team tasks can be assigned depending on the status of the team member. Tasks are viewable as cards so can be seen clearly and also appear in the calendar and views such as timelines. Tasks have priority and progress attributes.
Team Journal
Team journals can be used as a handy document system that everyone can view. The team journal could also be used as a daily activity log, drafting articles, news and information you wish to share within your team.
Team Contacts
Creating a team address book is perfect for client, service or supplier information retrieval central to the team. Create a team room for your sales team to work around and to perfect your sales strategy.
More to Come
There are multiple enhancements in the works and further business features are planned. All designed to make it easy for your business to improve productivity, management and efficiency. DayViewer essentially becomes another member of your team!