Powerful Work Management System & Planner

A Better Way To Plan, Schedule & Manage Tasks In Your Team.

When you have many jobs and tasks to keep track of, it makes sense for your business to plan and schedule work around one shared calendar planner & task management system.

team labels organizer

DayViewer Task & Work Scheduler

A More Efficient Way To Work Together

  • Schedule work more efficiently.

    DayViewer acts as your team dashboard, planner and work scheduler system with added ability to add notes, documents, checklists, comments, content and files/images to entries
  • Easily see the status of jobs and tasks at hand.

    With the numerous views, task management becomes easier, team members can comment directly on tasks and have the ability to update their own status.
  • Use on any Phone, Tablet or Desktop

    DayViewer converts to a fully functional app on any phone operating system. simply by adding to your homescreen. So whatever you see on your desktop is available on your device. You can add and update tasks on the go.
  • Sign up today and create your team room. Take the 14 day trial with members simply by adding them from inside your team room. (Note: you can also create multiple team rooms for example one for each department, service or location).

Labels View Helps You View Everything Related at a Click!

Simply by labelling your entries be it notes, tasks, journal posts or other information, links related content together

Labelling is also a visual signifier, keeping related information together by color.

If you are scheduling jobs which needs some random information or require attaching files / images, keeping many bits of information together can prevent hunting that information down.

For Example: A task on a Project with label ProjectX, can be linked with a note with a file or checklist, by labelling that note ProjectX also.

It's a better way to keep things organized.

team labels organizer
team tasks management

Team Task Progress Viewing and Filtering

Task cards are a handy way to see the tasks laid out and their current progress.

Quick filter links at the top of the view help you to easily view which tasks haven't begun yet, are in progress and all completed tasks.

The cards also visually highlight which tasks have become overdue, so you can either push those tasks out or reassign as required.

Provides and easy to use platform for your employees or colleagues to update their tasks status leaving management free for working on strategy and reaching their own goals.

Team Tasks Dashboard - For Better Task Management

The Team Rooms have a "Tasks" dashboard which breaks down tasks by members. This provides a view of who is doing what in one easy to use view.

This makes it easier to see who is working on what and by when. Helping the team manager to make decisions or the team manage itself with workload distribution.

Schedule work easier, if someone on your team is free and available, it makes sense to keep your workforce busy.

team tasks dashboard
Team Calendar
A team calendar can help visualize your day with the other people in your team. Things can be organized and planned together in a team.
Work Scheduler
For task management, DayViewer provides a centralised way to assign tasks and jobs to team members.
Content Calendar
DayViewer can be used as a content management system and as a content calendar - your marketing team can upload documents and write posts, with a team room, things can be scheduled together.
Office Diary
If you just need one centralised place where all company information is. DayViewer can actually be your Office Diary System. It can assist in whichever way your business requires.
Staff Scheduler
Does your staff need to be on rotation or other cycles? - use DayViewer to notify staff of changes in their stations or times.
Simple Project Manager
DayViewer is perfect for teams that need to manage tasks in a project environment. You may already use project management software, but you can complement that with DayViewer for more efficient task management.