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Online Work Scheduler to Help Manage Resources

Work scheduling is about managing resources and is an essential part of management. Being able to set and schedule jobs and tasks that need doing efficiently makes business more productive and profitable.

Setting priorities, managing staff and matching tasks to the appropriate employee makes it an essential management skill for any team manager.

Using an online team calendar as a work calendar and scheduler is a simpler, elegant and effective way to manage and schedule jobs within any team or business.

Why use a Calendar as a Work Scheduler

DayViewer Team Rooms system can set your team working together and efficiently within minutes – simply create a Team Room. Once created, you will have a productivity system including a team calendar and task management system which can help you set and coordinate tasks, with priorities and allows for a more collaborative working environment. Sharing a work calendar will help show which jobs need doing by when.

Within DayViewer, your team can comment on tasks enabling very quick and targetted resolution to solve any issues that may crop up. This is especially useful now that businesses work in a much more agile environment enabling greater productivity in the workplace.

How to Setup the Work Scheduler

Setting up a team calendar to use as a work scheduler is simple. Create a team, invite your fellow team members to join. Management can assign tasks to members from then on with an assign feature set within task entries.

Tasks can contain checklists, files and can set priorities and status (eg. done or progress %age). Tasks are the most suitable entry types for creating your work schedules with. Within the team calendar, tasks can be assigned to any member of the team.

Online Work Scheduler App

Having your work scheduler in a private online environment would enable your team to be able to work from anywhere. They would be able to log into the system anytime to update. No need to be at their own computer or workstation. DayViewer is also accessible through mobile with your phone or tablet.

Efficient Task Management & Planning

Tasks / Jobs can be copied in the table and card views and redistributed. You can also create recurring entries which posts the same jobs at different times, simply create once and recur to the new dates and edit as required. You can assign each copied task or job individually, to different team members as required.


As a work scheduling system DayViewer Team Rooms would very suitable. Keeping the information simple and to the point of who does what, by when will make your team work more efficient and productive.