Payment Tracking – Expenses & Income


All this tea purchasing is costing us, so we better budget for the tea . Payments are like other calendar entries (Tasks & Events) in which they have a date attached.

As with the previous tutorials, we recommend opening a new browser tab and follow the steps along. It should take less than 5 minutes to complete this.

Create Payment Entry

After logging into DayViewer, select Payments in the Side Panel Menu

We will again use the Quick Entry form. (on mobile, the quick entry will drop down when you click the plus-circle button )

Enter “Salary” as the Title. Add the rest of the information making sure you Select Income. Click ADD button to create the Payment – Income entry.

add payment

Now we will add an expense, of the value of the approximate the cost of the Tea Shopping (ingredients) that we created in the previous tutorial. let’s say $10 – go ahead and create an Tea Expense entry in the payment system. Your payment table should now have 2 entries, an income & an expense.

Next we will attach the Beverage label we made in the earlier tutorial to the expense. Do this by clicking on the edit button in the table row of the Tea S

label payment

If we now go over to the Dashboard, you can see a summary of payments going in and out over the next 7 days

payment summary


By tracking payments going in and out, you can budget on the fly. You will be more aware of your spending habits. This can be especially eye-opening for businesses where payments are coming in and costs are going out of the business regularly.

NB: Payments and Labels are DayViewer Pro features