Career Planner – Boost Your Chances of Success.

The competition for each and every role is high and expected to get higher. Stay far ahead of rival candidates who don’t prepare as much and give yourself the edge.

Plan applications and keep on top of your schedule for interviews and appointments.

When applying for new positions, it is highly important to keep everything organized. DayViewer provides all the necessary components to help you land that dream job or role.

When you have a number of job applications or interviews lined up, what better way than to use an online calendar to note them down, add helpful bits of information about the hiring company, attach a link to the role or attach a pdf, and get a reminder for application deadlines and/or reminders about! – In DayViewer you can do everything – all in one place.

Attach extra information to each entry detailing any notes, or even prepare interview checklists to each entry to give yourself the best chance.

We have all been there, making thousands of tweaks to our CV / Resume tailored for specific roles. Attach your resumes and CVs to notes which describe exactly which type of job they are tailored to.

Getting a job is in itself a professional vocation these days, and nothing stands out more than a candidate totally prepared.