Office Diary

Online Office Diary To Stay Coordinated

Do you have so many things going on in your office, but nowhere centralized enough to keep everyone in the loop? DayViewer can be used as a shared online diary system, making sure everyone knows important company events and information.

Calendar entries are the default entry type in DayViewer, no need to make them tasks, just drop in an event and location in your DayViewer Team Room for the best shared calendar experience.

Plan events and company functions with clarity

DayViewer has a number of views which makes it really easy to see what’s coming up. Use timelines and tables to see schedules clearly. The dashboard is good for seeing what is coming up at a glance.

Internal Online Diary

Many offices may have a shared paper diary or a wall mounted calendar to book rooms and other shared resources. If you regularly need to book rooms or other resources for meetings, then we would suggest using the shared team calendar system to efficiently let everyone know what is booked and when.

Shared Online Notice Board

Create a DayViewer Board to make an events board or for other information that your office might need to refer to at any time. It makes sense to have everything together in one place, making virtual working so much easier.

See more details about Team Rooms in our Team Calendar section


Keep your office organized, know what is happening at any moment, get reminders about events and organize events and meetings together.