Remote Work Calendar Planner

Team Calendar Planner for Remote Working

If your business is considering, or is currently working remotely and are looking to do so more efficiently, DayViewer could be a good fit for your remote work team.

Effective remote work requires clarity in communication of team tasks. DayViewer helps your team by giving a centralized platform from which they can see clearly how each day looks and what they need to do.

DayViewer Team Rooms are efficient and effective and takes little to no training to operate. Essentially you will just be adding tasks as entries in a calendar directly.

Consolidate many other tools and apps by using DayViewer. One simple team calendar and task management system rolled up into one easy to use calendar planner system.

Assign tasks and team roles useful for teams of any size. Suitable for for remote and distributed projects and internal teams. Team members also have roles which allow management and organization of tasks depending on the member or employee role.

If you are managing a team or tasks for others as well as yourself, you can plan tasks in advance – adjust as necessary as often as required.

Organize with labels – if your team work on multiple projects simultaneously, you can still use just one Team Room calendar system as long as the core team members are the same. Everything shows on the team calendar and is easily filterable.

Remote working is easy, flexible and empowering for your team. It empowers your team as a task oriented one and reduces the need for progress meetings. Everything is easier to see who is doing what and by when. You can also comment on tasks and other entries, enabling highly focussed communications.

There are many fully distributed teams operating multi million dollar turnover startups in the world – and this way of working is increasingly being adopted month on month.

If you need to meet, use 3rd party additional communication or video-conferencing apps to make it feel like you are in one room. DayViewer does not have these features so you are able to use your favoured products. But you can use DayViewer to coordinate and manage once your virtual meetings have actions.

Other major advantages are that it saves on office rent & rates, commuting time and costs and can increase your personal time. Working remotely with DayViewer means working together with your team and coworkers – but with flexibility, efficiency and stress free!

Get more work done remotely – but together with DayViewer!