DayViewer As a Online Travel Planner

Plan Your Trip Online In One Place

Wouldn't it be great if you had one reliable system where you could drop all your travel information into - and be able to refer to it anytime.

You can upload copies of boarding passes, and all the other bits of information into calendar entries and notes. This information would then be to hand, within a couple of clicks whenever you need it (at the airport for example!)

DayViewer doesn't plan the trip for you, you would still research and find out what you wish to do, but we do make it easier for you to collate the information and keep it in one place so you can access it easily, whenever required.

Simply put all travel information in DayViewer and then to each related entry, tie them up with a label. The label manager would then make it super easy to organize and view all the information related to your trip

Imagine you were planning a trip to New York. You would likely need to catch a plane there and back, book a hotel or other accommodation, organize transport and transfers, and plan your sightseeing or other adventures! - Then label all the related information "New York", and it's easier to filter/search.

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