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So you've searched far and wide for a suitable team calendar, but found every other tool lacking in something, or not built for time and task management. Good news! - DayViewer is designed by someone who has worked within many teams, therefore first hand knows the problems that come within team management and the focus required to get things done. We know that simplicity and clarity is the key so we have focussed on building our product with a clean, yet powerful and flexible interface.

Information Organizer

It's not just about setting calendar entries, DayViewer also incorporates the ability to keep information organized that makes a great team working tool. We now have made available to you a flexible, clear yet powerful team calendar planner.

How would DayViewer help our team?

Creating a shared calendar system should be hassle free. DayViewer makes it a simple process to set up separate team areas. We call them Team Rooms. Each room consists of a shared version of DayViewer Pro with extra features such as task assignment.

Using an Online Team System can significantly increase productivity.

Imagine your office working together with less of a need to constantly check progress, ability to share information, reduced confusion, reduce progress meetings and empowered members who are able to self manage, collaborate and work together more efficiently - simply by having the information they need available on a shared calendar planner platform.

It's as easy as opening up your DayViewer Team Room on a daily basis to see how things are going, set and review tasks and identify workload issues and bottlenecks.

Creating a Task takes seconds - take a look at our tutorial to see how.

One of the fundamental concepts behind DayViewer is the ability to share a calendar with your team. It combines task management with time management in a more visual way. This enables the team to monitor progress, check overdue deadlines, plan tasks and focus discussions on any entry (using entry comments).

You can create as many Team Rooms as needed for your organization. Providing members with a centralized planner and information organizer in one easy to use, consistent interface - very low training needed. Unlike a dedicated project management system, a Team Room can handle the organization of a variety of information your team may need on hand anytime, including contacts, notes, journals and calendar entries.

Commenting on calendar entries is now also supported - with the ability to create a highly focussed discussion per task or other entry. The simple consistent interface makes it very easy for you to discuss a task or event.


We believe we have one of the simplest to use interfaces with the focus on clarity, flexibility, security and performance. Being fairly priced you can remove redundant tools from your productivity suite, along with a number of privacy and training implications the adoption of a number of tools comes with.

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